Myths and Magic

The end of January found Cubs enrolled at “Cubwarts” for Myths and Magic Camp.  Transported from Hockley to a world of Wizards and Wizardry.

After splitting into houses the Cubs were out on Friday night hunting in the woods to score points for their house.  After much dark merriment a snack of mummified witches fingers saw our tired students heading to the dorms.

Saturday dawned bright and cold, a hot breakfast fuelled young wizards to archery, and fencing. Indoors house t shirts took shape as did wands and dragons eggs.

A firelit feast on Saturday evening led to a night at the movies and many students took the opportunity for an early night.

Sunday was circus skills before clearing our dorms for prize giving and graduation.

Congratulations to all our woudl be wizards and thanks to the wonderful staff of Cubwarts for a fabulous weekend.